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Over our years as a family owned glass company, we developed the expertise to skillfully install aluminum windows at your business location. Our window installation process differs from our storefront construction as we rely on suppliers to complete the design and assembly tasks. We determine your specifications and order premade aluminum windows from high-quality manufacturers. While this process minimizes the customization flexibility you get when we create your storefront, factory produced windows offer important benefits.

  • Single and Double hung, casement, slider, or fixed window configurations
  • Double panes, triple panes, and other energy efficient assemblies
  • Custom design treatments

Aluminum Windows Offer Energy Saving Features

We purchase from manufacturers who produce your windows with energy efficiency in mind. This is crucial in areas like Connecticut where extreme weather increases energy consumption. Seasonal temperatures generate high heating and cooling bills. The sun heats up your interior and causes upholstery, carpet, and furniture damage. It’s important to install windows that offer solutions to these problems.

We work with your architect and do the research to determine the local code requirements and window qualities appropriate for your building.

  • Insulated glass units have multiple panes separated by a moisture absorbing desiccant-filled spacer. The space between the panes may be filled with argon or krypton for maximum insulation capability.
  • Window tints minimize interior heat buildup and damage caused by the sun.
  • Tinted security film increases your protection as it makes glass break-through difficult.
  • Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glass has a thin metallic coating that helps retain interior climate controlled air while reducing UVB and UVA ray  damage.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

“Our employees play an important role in the success of our business, and we expect them to be proud and to be proud of what they help create

Aluminum Window FAQ

Are all aluminum windows simple and unadorned?

The sleek look of a glass and aluminum window is perfect for many commercial buildings. If you prefer a more stylish appearance, our team can install aluminum windows that are manufactured to include decorative features.

  • Muntins and mullions between panes for a colonial look
  • Silk-screened images and photographs
  • Windows that transform from frosted to clear
  • Colored window tints

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